My Promises to the Citizens of District 4

I believe that public service should be just that….service.  As such, I make this promise to the voters in District 4:

If elected I will donate ALL of my after-tax Gwinnett County Commissioner salary to charity.

In 2016, our commissioners voted themselves a 51% pay increase!  That is shameful!!  These district commissioners now make $45,000 per year!!  That is more than the average per capita income level for the entire county!  I am not running for commissioner to get rich or make a second income.  I am doing it to serve my fellow citizens.  If elected, each month I will list on this website the various charities to which I contributed my county paycheck so that my promise can be verified and I can be held accountable.

I will make a second promise to the voters of District 4:

I will NOT accept ANY campaign contributions. 

Not from family or friends, and especially not from developers, bankers, or other businesses.  The money in our local politics only serves to influence decision makers to do what is best for those that contribute…not what is best for the citizens.  I will personally pay for this entire campaign and, in doing so, will not be beholden to ANY outside influence.

Those are the promises I am making to the voters of District 4.  If that is the kind of public servant you want to represent you on the county commission, I ask for your vote.

And I challenge my opponents to make the same promises.
That is what the citizens of District 4 deserve.